Sierra Seeds Cooperative

Sierra Seeds Cooperative

Our mission at Sierra Seeds Cooperative is to offer a diverse selection of local, organic seeds that thrive in our unique Northern California mountain foothills. Locally adapted seeds are at the foundation of any durable and resilient food system. By sowing our seeds, you are “Seeding the Local Revolution.”

Seed School

Rocky Mountain Seed Alliance

Seed School is a groundbreaking educational course that trains people from all walks of life to build local seed systems rooted in the ancient tradition of seed saving. Practiced by farmers and gardeners for thousands of years, seed saving strengthens food security at the community level, empowering people to reclaim control over their food supply.

Top 10 Ecology Centers in California

Top 10 Ecology Centers in California

Permaculture is an environmental design science that creates sustainable architecture, regenerative habitats and agricultural systems modeled from natural ecosystems. The basic principles teach you to work with nature, rather than against it. Its ethics are rooted in caring for the Earth, caring for the people, and fair share of resources.

Navajo Nation

The Hózhó of Navajo Nation

May it be beautiful before me. May is be beautiful behind me. May it be beautiful above me. May it be beautiful below me. May I walk in beauty.

Hawaii Institute of Pacific Agriculture

Hawai’i Institute of Pacific Agriculture

HIP Agriculture is a conscious movement of inspired individuals living a model of sustainability through direct engagement with the earth and service to youth and communities. At the heart of HIP Agriculture is a commitment to personal growth and awakening that empowers individuals to be activated leaders for change.

The Aloha of Hawai'i Nation

The Aloha of Hawai’i Nation

He ali’i ka ‘āina, he kauā ke kanaka.
The land is chief, man is servant.