The Art of Rafael Araujo

~ Illustrations by Rafael Araujo ~ Interviewed by Christine Peterson ~

“This form of geometry is considered sacred because it is a means to worship nature.”

Rafael Araujo was born in Venezuela in 1957 and has lived in Caracas his whole life. He originally studied music, a passion that lead him to composing and eventually to a fascination with architecture where he perfected his draftsmanship. Rafael first starting noticing patterns within nature at 15 years old while gardening in the backyard. He then started to see spirals everywhere, and had to learn geometry (and some math) in order to draw these things, impossible to achieve otherwise. He says it was a strange world in the beginning, but logical at the same time. In this field of thinking, you can say some things are unquestionably true, which made him feel good. He is now known for his illustrations that demonstrate the complexity of life through an imagined mathematical framework.

Calculation is a series that illustrates beautiful Sacred Geometry within nature. Rafael says, “This form of geometry is considered sacred because it is a means to worship nature. If I were to pray, I’d do it through numbers and angles… and perhaps, music.” In his work, he feels deeply connected to nature. In his life, he feels deeply worried about our interaction as a species with our environment… His artwork was created to inspire, at the very least, a bit of love for a very neglected Nature.

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