Black Hills Unity Concert

On September 13th and 14th, 2014, in the Black Hills of South Dakota, thousands of people converged for a UNITY CONCERT, bringing together Native American tribes with those on the right side of justice to return the guardianship of the Black Hills to the Great Sioux Nation. Come Join us at the Unity Concert 2015!!

A Free Concert Honoring the Sacred

The Black Hills Unity Concert is a three-day, drug, alcohol and admission free event that utilizes the instrument of music to unite Lakota/Nakota/Dakota peoples (the Pte Oyate) in the name of our sacred sites and our Mother Earth. We understand that only with increased dialogue and connection between our many sub groups can we move forward with retrieving our most sacred site and with so many other issues.

The Black Hills Unity Concert is a hub for groups and organizations, local and nation-wide, working to address social, environmental and indigenous issues including but not limited to: sacred sites preservation, youth suicide, substance abuse, environmental contamination, species preservation, cultural reconciliation, care for the elderly, traditional foods revitalization, economic development/poverty alleviation, men’s and women’s health, cultural revitalization and language preservation.

We acknowledge the interdependence of these issues and that to heal one is to heal the other. For this reason we have designed this to be a multi-purposed crowdfunding campaign where 10% of all funds raised goes to four other organizations working to address the immediate needs of our People.

Frank Waln, Good Voice Wolf, 7th Generation Rising, Nahko Bear, Scatter Their Own and so many more are currently confirmed to share at Unity Concert 2015 alongside many speakers and workshop leaders to make this a truly uplifting, educating, healing and productive event. Please Donate and Buy Tickets here:

Learn More about The Black Hills Initiative

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